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I’ve just started a YouTube vlog covering news, tips, reviews etc. Check it out, and if you like it, subscribe :)

24 March, 2013

Beautiful time lapse video of Tokyo

I just saw this great time lapse video of Tokyo! I especially like 1:56 when the planes are coming in. Great choice of music too! Nice work! Get up and go from Stefan Werc on Vimeo.

18 April, 2010

Social Media Revolution

Very interesting, thought provoking video. We are well and truly hooked into social media - there’s no turning back now! Source of video and data…

18 August, 2009
Hitachi DZ-HV565E

Hitachi DZ-HV565E High Definition (1080p) SD Video Camera

I’ve been looking through some of the little HD SD-based camcorders recently and I came across the Hitachi DZ-HV565E in Argos. However, this video camera seems to be a bit of a mystery online, there just isn’t much information about it, I couldn’t even find any test footage on YouTube. ...

1 February, 2009

Diggnation - Live from London, 10th October 2008

I went to the Live Diggnation at the end of the Future of Web Apps Expo. Excellent show - I really hope they come back again next year! :) (video below) ...

19 October, 2008