Drupal 6 was released today! After having a play with the beta and release candidates…well, I don’t have to say; this really is a phenomenal release! Here are some of my favourite new features which I’m looking forward to using:

  • Extended logging - You can set Drupal for OS level logging
  • Batch API - A progress bar can track tasks running in the background through multiple HTTP requests
  • Scripting from the command line - This is really cool! You can now run Drupal code through the command line
  • Forum improvements - Granular permissions can allow more control over forum moderation
  • Sticky table headers - Does what it says on the tin
  • Drag and drop features - Again, the tin…
  • CSS only theming - Define regions etc. in .info files without writing any php code, then set styles in CSS

Well done to everyone who has been clearly working hard on this!