It’s incredible how rapid the development of Drupal has become. Drupal 6 is only just around the corner and we’re already talking about what improvements and features we’d like to see in Drupal 7! Drupal 5 has been absolutely fantastic. I’ve found it not only a great content management system, but also an excellent framework for building applications.

Anyone who wishes to officially request a new feature for Drupal 7 may do so on the Drupal website by submitting a new issue. Some things I’d like to see would be:

  • Some kind of media management system - not just for images, video and audio but maybe also PDFs and other attachable or embedded content
  • More core forum features
  • Built in WYSIWYG editoras I almost always use TinyMCE, which is great, but it would be nice not to have to install and upgrade it separately from the core
  • Improved node access control system
  • Automatic upgrade of core system and modules
  • Site backup for both files and database