Since Spotify I’ve slightly neglected my radio favouring playlisted music over radio style chosen tracks, but I may start using the radio again since they’ve introduced the new ‘Mix Radio’ station. It’s a great way to discover new music without being overwhelmed by too many unfamiliar tracks.

What is ‘Mix Radio’?

Mix Radio combines:

  • New recommendations (similar to the ‘Recommendations’ station)
  • Tracks by artists in your library that you haven’t scrobbled before and
  • Tracks in your library that you already know. is great for listening to music when you don’t know what you want to listen to or you want to hear something you haven’t heard before but you might like. The new ‘Mix Radio’ station does the job nicely, and if you hear something you really don’t like just skip it or, if completely misjudged your taste, ban it and will learn what you don’t like. is great for all music fans so if you haven’t used it before I’d definitely recommend giving it a try – it’s free and can be accessed from the website, through the free downloadable player, through Android and iPhone mobiles and even through many new DAB/Wi-Fi radios.

For more information on the new ‘Mix Radio’ station from the official blog, visit: