Here’s my first “Flickr picks” picture selection. Every now and then I’m going to pick some photos from Flickr with a particular theme. I thought some nice autumnal pictures would be a good place to start as it’s one of my favourite seasons for taking pictures (winter being the other).

The great thing about autumn is not only the colours from the leaves but also the moody weather - rain one minute, sun the next - it really creates a stunning atmosphere.

Double Bows

Nicholas_T, on Flickr


Nicholas_T, on Flickr

Full Moon

Nicholas_T, on Flickr

golden autumn

sashomasho, on Flickr

Golden light on a frosty morning

net_efekt, on Flickr

Hazy morning

Per Ola Wiberg (former ponanwi and Powi), on Flickr

two golden things

foto3116, on Flickr

Autumn Sky

mrhayata, on Flickr

Autumn Crashes Down On Us 1

opticalreflex, on Flickr

Autumn Leaf

Sister72, on Flickr


Wolfgang Staudt, on Flickr