I’ve just been playing with Photosynth for the iPhone. It allows you to take multiple pictures from different angles then stitch them together to make a 3D, explorable panoramic. So what’s so different about Photosynth? Well, you can also create ‘Synths’ which are 3D spaces made up of images from not only different angles but different locations. This means you can take a picture of a building from different sides and Photosynth will work its magic and make it into a 3D model which you can explore.

Here’s a panoramic I created while standing in the same place:

[No longer supported 😢 http://photosynth.net/embed.aspx?cid=9a5a0135-0f9d-4d50-a019-4c9fc6d362d7&delayLoad=true&slideShowPlaying=false]

Here’s a synth which someone has created from different angles and locations.

[No longer supported 😢 http://photosynth.net/embed.aspx?cid=50cf7db9-d497-457d-8206-9ff88f2c2800&delayLoad=true&slideShowPlaying=false]

Photosynth is a free app available for the iPhone 3G4, iPhone 4, iPad 2 and 4th gen iPod Touch. Enjoy!