Handy fix for a broken Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote)

A few days ago one of my Nintendo Wii remotes started doing some crazy things. It seemed like there was a problem with the remote's gyro, as you couldn't get any response from swinging the remote in the bowling game (instead, you just took everyone's legs out with the ball!). Anyway, I found a strange fix which involves wacking the remote, button side down, against your palm several times. I wacked the remote hard enough to "fix" it, but not too hard as to break it. I guess it must have dislodged the remote's gyro because it started working again like normal.

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My wii mote stopped responding entirely to motion, 4 day after the warranty expired wouldn't you believe. Anyway after some googling i found this, tried it and hey presto, it works again. A crude but effective repair method i say.

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Glad it's worked! Thanks for letting me know! :)

Thanks so much. I had a remote that had stopped working. Slapping it fixed it...Try it

Thanks I thousght I had to buy a new remote this realy works

Thanks Man...
Gave it a little more than a love tap on the tile floor .. Works perfectly again...

This tip is great!!
both our remotes broke and i emailed nintendo but to no avail. I then found this tip and it worked.

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Cool! No worries!

I honestly thought this was an aweful post when I first read it...Tried this crude method and it worked instantly...thanks for posting this!!!!

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Lol yes, simple and effective!
Glad it worked for you!

I just was to say THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have 4 wii motes and one of them just stopped responding to the motion sensor in mario kart, I could do everything but steer. I tried your trick, and I'll be damned if it didn't work!!!

A thousand thank yous and I hope everyone who knows a wii owner shares this info.

I never doubted it, but that doesnt mean im not suprised with the results. Worked perfectly, thanks

tried it, light tap and the remote now works, cheers!

FYI - This also worked for the Fiire Chief gyro remote:

The remote was scrolling to the top of my screen all the time. I tried this and it fixed it. Thanks!

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Cool; thanks for posting this!

Sweet. Worked great. I purchased a 2nd hand remote for less than $10 that had this issue. Then I gave it a gentle whack, works great now! Thanks

It works!
3 light smacks and... BINGO!!!
Man I love Google search.

It did not work

We got a Wii after last christmas and one of the remotes did not work. I fooled with it for a long time, then dropped it pretty hard of the floor by accident. It started working and has been fine for a year. I am pleased to see this technique is officially supported by Nintendo.

After a very frustrating game of tennis I took my anger out on the controller resulting in it not working properly. I thought great, that's just cost me £30! But hey presto 1 quick whack on the front and all is good again.


holy mother of crap it works!

This totally worked! Instead of having to buy two new remotes we can get a Wii Fit!! Thanks.

It's a (virtually) solid-state 3-axis accelerometer chip that detects the motion.

From http://gear.ign.com/articles/747/747277p1.html:
"Motion-sensing wise; forget any imaginative images of a tiny gyroscope spinning inside a tiny box on the circuit board. The Wiimotes accelerometers are based upon miniscule, one-millionth of a gram flaps of silicon flexing against tiny springs within a charged field."

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Ahh, I had a feeling it was something like this. Maybe a steampunk Wiimote would have a tiny spinning gyroscope ;)

so this tip doesnt work?

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Well, luckily it worked for me. It's just the Wiimote doesn't contain a gyroscope (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyroscope), it contains a three-axis accelerometer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accelerometer).

Thanks R Deckard for pointing this out.

I have a wii remote that came down with this problem over a year ago. I just replaced it as it was second hand. I have just tried this fix after it was left in it box for a year IT ACTULLY WORKED WHAT A SAVE!!!!

this works...

Holy crap I thought my issues with the remote were far beyond just a simple smack. The lights at the bottom were screwed up and dim and the cursor was glitching and all that good stuff, and I doubted this with all my heart. And then it's fixed just like that! Thank you thank you thank you :-)

Thank you, I cannot believe it worked but it did! :D

Thanks, another satisfied commenter! :)

Brilliant, thank you. Was going to buy a new one.....................no need now!!!!

That did not work for me I am going to call nintendo :( this stinks!!!

Was pretty sceptic but it works, thanks!

Was sceptical like those above and was getting the screwdrivers out for a complicated repair job but tried this and it worked! 3 or 4 sharp taps and working like new!

thanxs very helpful : )

I think the circuits in my wiimote is &$^£%*, coz it doesnt light up when I press any button, including the sync button, and I have brand new batteries in it...

I tried this but I didn't work, I think my remote is as dead as a dodo :(

It wouldn't be too bad except I'm after buying Little king's story today and now my remote won't work...

Nintendo Wii Remote Dead
I did not use Nintendo Wii for over a month.After over a month I connected Nintendo Wii and put the power ON. Console is working,But there are no lights on remote??
I changed with two brand new set of batteries but no light in remote like before.
I did press red button on both remote and Wii consile but nothing.The unit is over a year old.
Any solution??

one of my wiimotes started acting funny the other day too, at first i thought it was the motion plus shorting out, but to test it I tried the wiimote without the plus, and it still acted funny. Basically after a little while the motion stops working and the blue light on the bottom telling which player you are fades in and out. Tried changing the batteries and no luck. Then came across the tapping solution. This works for a few seconds then lights out again and no luck.

:( guess its time to get a new spare, luckily the other still works.

brill it works .you saved our kids life

Add me to the happy list! I thought i'd suddenly become really bad at the special moves in Spyborgs, but then played Super Paper Mario after & couldn't shake to get unfrozen, so knew something was wrong with the Wiimote.

3 or 4 taps and voila, it works again :)

Add me to the list of the converted. I thought the original post was a clever way to see how many of us he could get to pound a wiimote against our hand. I did exactly what he suggested, and it worked! Thanks from California.

thanks for the quick fix! i was ready to crack it open. I was already whacking it on the back and top side--obviously this did not work. Glad I found your site before I bought a new one.

DAN you are the MAN!!! I feel like such a dummy. Last year around this time my wii remote just gave up and wouldnt work at all, I even put brand new batteries and nothing. So I just quit playin the wii and its been sittin in a box for about 12 months lol... This morning I took it back out and investigated the remote again then came and found this site lol whataya know I slapped that thing silly and re-synched it with the button on the box and the remote at the same time and WOOHOO!! im back on the wii now.

Thanks :)

Im kinda upset with myself though cause im a mechanic, I shoulda known that beating something til it works gets the job done ha ;)

This worked wonders! A million thanks from the Philippines!

In the name of all that is good and sweet in Odin's beard, it actually worked. I can't freaking believe it. I guess it makes sense now why there is a guy on craigslist who offers to purchase broken wiimotes for 5 dollars. Color me flabbergasted and thank you, thank you, thank you.

Wow like a lot of other wasn't sure. The missis said what the he'll are you doing and low and behold ...... It worked !!


I got troubled by the childish and deliberated bug from homebrew channel maker, when you install a different ios from his he make your wiimote upside down, and with some tips to solve this problem I shake hard my mote as some blogs tells and my motion stoped and your guide solved this, thanks a lot again and happy Wii !

I'm so happy this worked! I thought we were gonna have to buy 2 new remotes!!

Hahahahahah it worked! SO aawesome!

I hit my Wiimote alot of time and its Still Broken

i was playing wii baseball and the strap came off and it hit a chair and broke.it still works but it cracked and the power button came out and the sensor got a small crack and a chip out of it do u know how to put it back in or is it ok without it??????


thank you sooo much, you just saved me <3

My wii mote doesnt light up even with fresh batteries...smacked it like you told still doesnt work...some body help me... im in asia and a wii mote is 65$....

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Sorry to hear that it doesn't work. Unfortionately this fix only works for a specific type of problem - if the wii mote isn't lighting up then it's likely something else.

Hope you manage to get it sorted

Just tried this on my wii remote that stopped working...fixed right away! Thanks!

My wiimote's accelerometer stopped working. Ran across this post and gave the remote a few whacks. On the third whack, the accelerometer started working again and has been working flawlessly since.

Before reading this post I had tried hitting it on the ends but not on the face. Hitting the face is what worked.


Worked like a charm! Thanks, Dan!

None of the blue little lights at the bottom of the wiimote worked, even with new batteries. Smacked the remote 3 time on the palm of my other hand, removed one battery and put it back, and then BAAM, it works. Thanks for sharing.

It didnt work and the wii's new but thanks for the advise!!!

Holy crap this worked! It's usually a joke: "Just whack it a few times" - Too funny, but hey...if it works, it works.

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Hi Chuck, glad it worked for you! Thanks for dropping by.


Awesome! Fixed my wii remote following your directions, in less than a minute. Worked perfectly now.
Thanks so much!

Incredible!!! But it worked on both my remotes. Too bad I only found this solution after hours of trying useless tips. But that's not your fault. Thank you for sharing this!

Yep, it also worked for me :) Just did it, smacked controller twice and voila! That's amazing but most important - it's really working! Thanks m8!

I was ready to post some gnarly comment, but after following your simple directions my Wiimote accelerometer behaves properly again... Your post should appear in every FAQ about the Wii!
Thanks mate!!!

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Lol - it's simple but effective. Thanks for dropping by :)

Yet another convert ; wonder if the same treatment will work on the kids??

Worked for me too - this is a brilliant tip that saves any expense and should be more widely available! I had forgotten the 'give it a whack' repair methodology that those of us of a certain age will remember using on TV's etc in the olden days....... Thanks for the great advice.

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Lol - indeed! It's not dissimilar to the 'blow in the cartridge' fix which seemed to work well for the Nintendo and Sega consoles of yesteryear!

Thanks for dropping by :)

works great, i almost had a heart attack, but after looking and searching a lot of pages i came to this solution, AND IT WORKED!!!

Holy cow. It worked. 3 very hard smacks against my palm and it was working again! I wish I had found this sooner!

It really worked, i was already ordering a new one.
After reading this i gave it one little smack and it worked!!!!


I must admit, this in no way should work, but damn it did....

Both of my remotes, the main one that came with it and a hardly used extra I purchased months later both died together on the same day. The sensor bar acts like it is working and plugged in. Neither of the remotes, which were both working and had relatively fresh batteries in them, just stopped lighting up and working within minutes of one another. I tried the reset and the tap idea. Any other thoughts?

Hi Dan, thanks a lot! You're tip fixed the problem.
My remote at first did not respond at all, resulting in a Mario Kart going straight all the time. After a firm tap, I regained all control.

hi dan my wii remote seem to have changed buttons on mario kart for the power ups have u got any reason why this has happened

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Hi Chelsea, that's odd. I've not got Mario Kart but maybe the controller settings have been changed in the game? These settings are normally in an 'options' menu, either on the title screen or when you pause the game. Sorry I can't point you to the right place. Hope you manage to get it fixed :)


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